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Patient care app for nutrition professionals

BodySite is a comprehensive dietary care platform utilized by over 2,000 healthcare providers, empowering them to deliver dedicated support to patients struggling with obesity. The app's diverse functionalities facilitate better patient care through digital guidance.
Virtual care
Remote patient monitoring


MyBodySite LLC


Remote patient monitoring, Wellness




Project Based


2x Native Mobile App

Team Size

2 Developers, QA, UI/UX, PM


3 months


7 years (ongoing)
Project description

BodySite is a platform tailored for a wide range of healthcare providers, weight loss clinics, medical spas and health coaches. Partnering with BodySite provides them access to personalized care instructions, a content management system, and an all-in-one patient management platform. Within the platform, they can access dedicated provider accounts for individual healthcare professionals and user accounts for their patients.

The mobile application developed by Apzumi enables the management of specialized dietary programs, comprising predefined nutrition and activity cycles. Within these programs, patients gain access to recipes, tutorials, and a relevant knowledge base prepared for each day. The application also monitors patient parameters such as calorie intake, hydration level, physical activity, weight, and physical body metrics. Data utilized by healthcare providers is collected through integration with Apple Health or via Bluetooth integration with the dedicated body scale - Innotech Scale, facilitating the calculation of a calorie deficit for dietary control.

BodySite Remote Care helps healthcare providers save time and improve practice revenue. It also allows them to customize client experience with optional branding applied on the standard white label app, custom app plan themes and additional home screen button. This comprehensive application streamlines patient-provider interactions, enhances patient care, and simplifies wellness management for a wide range of wellness service providers.

Project results


Patients base


Healthcare Providers


Exercises & Recipes


Care Plans
About the problem

The application is targeted towards patients who prioritize their physical health, providing automated lifestyle guidance and professional care instructions.

With the BodySite solution, they have the opportunity to be under continuous virtual care of their chosen specialist and actively pursue their selected dietary program and its progress. The application combines a wide range of functionalities to help manage nutrition and physical activity, such as:

  • Nutrition and Activity Programs
  • Recipe and Tutorial Access
  • Parameter Monitoring
  • Health Surveys and Forms
  • Patient Journal
  • Support Groups Chat

One application consolidating all these features represents a comprehensive solution, enhancing convenience. It facilitates the attainment of wellness objectives without requiring excessive time investment, thereby providing an enriched healthcare experience.

Project scope
Step 1
Document Digitalization

The first step involved converting scanned documents into digital formats using OCR technology. This phase was crucial due to the diverse nature and quality of the scanned documents. Advanced OCR solutions were employed, capable of handling various text formats, handwriting, and even low-quality scans, ensuring high accuracy in digitization.

Step 2
Document Categorization

Once digitized, the documents were categorized into predefined classes such as medical reports, lab tests, and billing documents. This categorization was facilitated by a machine learning model trained on a large dataset of annotated healthcare documents. The model was fine-tuned to recognize and categorize documents accurately, even when the formats and templates varied significantly.

Step 3
Key Facts Retrieval

The extraction of key facts from the categorized documents was the next critical step. Using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, the system identified and extracted pertinent information such as patient names, birthdates, addresses, ICD codes, and details of medical procedures. The AI model was trained to understand the context and semantics of the healthcare domain, ensuring a high level of precision in fact retrieval.

Step 4
Medical Summary and Report Generation

The final step involved synthesizing the extracted information into coherent medical summaries and reports. Generative AI models, trained on a vast corpus of medical texts, were employed to generate summaries that were both accurate and easily comprehensible. These summaries provided a consolidated view of the patient's medical history and current claims, significantly aiding in the decision-making process.

Key features
Patient care plans
Educational resources
Patient management
Devices integrations
Content creation
2 Native apps: iOS, Android
Biometric login: Face ID, Touch ID
live chat
with doctor
Project timeline
1 month
Product Discovery
& UI/UX Design

The work on the platform began with setting business goals and prioritizing functionalities for mobile platforms. Our UI/UX team also created the initial graphic design, being the basis of white label branding through the whole product range.

3 months
Software Development
iOS native app

Our development team, as the creators of the first mobile MVP, crafted an application designed for the iOS platform. Among its foundational features were basic functions for tracking physical activity and dietary plans.

3 months
Software Development
Android native app

In 2018, a year after the creation of the iOS application, we began building a similar platform for the Android system. The recipe databases were expanded, as well as the amount of resources in the educational library.

Product Scaling

Since 2018, there has been a gradual expansion of functionalities in both native applications. Among them, we can find numerous integrations with health monitoring devices, the feature of sending surveys to patients, group chat, and social groups for patients. The iOS application has also gained biometric login options.

Project tech stack


Backend Development


Mobile Development


Project tool stack

Jira Cloud

Project Management

Confluence Cloud

Project Documentation

Atlassian Cloud

Project Management


Project Communication


Project Documentation


UI/UX Design


Video Calls Integration

Google Maps



E-mails Integration
Technical description

BodySite is a platform comprising both a web-based component and a standalone mobile application, meticulously crafted by Apzumi. It caters to two distinct user types: providers and users. The mobile application, developed using Kotlin for the native Android app and Swift for the native iOS app, exemplifies our commitment to delivering seamless and intuitive experiences across different platforms.