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Comprehensive web platform for online senior wellness

Encore Wellness is a senior lifestyle platform offering both online and on-demand health and wellness programs designed for the aging generation. The app empowers seniors to enroll in a variety of classes, tailored to enhance physical vitality.
Fitness & wellness
Health community


Encore Wellness


Wellness, Digital health




Project Based


Web App (RWD)

Team Size

5 developers, QA, UI/UX, PM, DevOps


4 months


9 months, ongoing
Project description

Encore Wellness is a comprehensive platform dedicated to the well-being of seniors, delivering a range of online and on-demand health and wellness programs tailored specifically for the aging population.

The app empowers seniors to enroll in a variety of fitness offerings, including strength, balance, stability, dance, and flexibility exercises, as well as mind exercises such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, and memory enhancement. Live classes seamlessly integrate into a personalized schedule, while on-demand activities offer more time flexibility. The app diligently monitors weekly streaks, offering the chance to earn badges, providing older adults with the motivation to persist and excel in their wellness endeavors. 

Furthermore, the app features an easy-to-use and approachable UI/UX designed specifically for seniors, complemented by straightforward tutorial videos to ensure ease of navigation and participation in online classes.

Project results


and higher program engagement


lower disenrollment


reduction in falls and fractures


per member per year medical cost saving
About the problem

Loneliness is a prevalent issue among seniors, significantly impacting their health. They require connection, acceptance, and tailored attention to address the needs of their aging bodies and minds. 

Encore Wellness tackles senior loneliness by facilitating social connections and addressing the physical challenges associated with aging. The platform offers seniors diverse options to maintain fitness, health, and fulfillment, while also serving as a social platform, allowing to engage in social groups of their preference, and connect with friends from all over the country.

Project scope
Step 1
Document Digitalization

The first step involved converting scanned documents into digital formats using OCR technology. This phase was crucial due to the diverse nature and quality of the scanned documents. Advanced OCR solutions were employed, capable of handling various text formats, handwriting, and even low-quality scans, ensuring high accuracy in digitization.

Step 2
Document Categorization

Once digitized, the documents were categorized into predefined classes such as medical reports, lab tests, and billing documents. This categorization was facilitated by a machine learning model trained on a large dataset of annotated healthcare documents. The model was fine-tuned to recognize and categorize documents accurately, even when the formats and templates varied significantly.

Step 3
Key Facts Retrieval

The extraction of key facts from the categorized documents was the next critical step. Using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, the system identified and extracted pertinent information such as patient names, birthdates, addresses, ICD codes, and details of medical procedures. The AI model was trained to understand the context and semantics of the healthcare domain, ensuring a high level of precision in fact retrieval.

Step 4
Medical Summary and Report Generation

The final step involved synthesizing the extracted information into coherent medical summaries and reports. Generative AI models, trained on a vast corpus of medical texts, were employed to generate summaries that were both accurate and easily comprehensible. These summaries provided a consolidated view of the patient's medical history and current claims, significantly aiding in the decision-making process.

Key features
Online live classes
On-demand materials
Education & social programs
Week streak
Achievement badges
live chat
with doctor
Project timeline
2 weeks
Product Discovery

Kicking-off the discovery workshops, we covered client and end-user requirements, reviewed features of the existing pilot service, and selected those for the online platform. We then created a list of target functionalities, organizing them into development cycles.

1 month
UI/UX Design

During subsequent workshops, we collaborated with the client to develop personas tailored to end users and the admin. We crafted user flows and then progressed to low-fi and high-fi designs tailored to an older demographic.

4 months
Software Development

Starting the MVP phase, we simultaneously developed both user and admin panels. The primary functionalities included online classes and an on-demand materials catalog. Additionally, we successfully introduced weekly streaks and achievement badges to enhance motivation.

3 months
Software Development
Version 2.0

In the next release of the application, existing features in the admin panel were significantly expanded. Seniors also gained new, intriguing elements such as enrolling in series of classes or video playlists with exercise routines.

Product Scaling

More functionalities coming soon!

Project tech stack


Frontend Development


Backend Development


Project tool stack

Jira Cloud

Project Management

Confluence Cloud

Project Documentation

Atlassian Cloud

Project Management


Project Communication


Project Documentation


UI/UX Design


Video Calls Integration

Google Maps



E-mails Integration
Technical description

Wellness Everywhere is a HIPAA-compliant platform hosted on AWS allowing users to watch videos on demand, enroll in a wide selection of live classes and participate in them, all in one place. Our system can be accessed via an intuitive and responsive web interface developed in Angular. Provided are additional functions such as sending email reminders and in-app notifications.