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Web-based platform for online health assessment

Perkk Check is a project realized for Medavie, which utilizes TOI™ technology to create a health assessment platform. With a 30-second video scan and mental health assessment, it provides a comprehensive health overview for home care patients and benefit system users.
Virtual care
Health & Wellbeing


Medavie Inc.


Virtual care, Patient self-care




Project Based


Web App (RWD)

Team Size

2 Developers, QA, UI/UX, PM


6 months


2 years (ongoing)
Project description

Perkk Check is a brand belonging to Canadian not-for-profit health solutions partner - Medavie Inc. The product developed by Apzumi is a web-based platform dedicated to health assessment with the use of any device with camera and internet access. 

The application developed by Apzumi presents visual test results through categorized graphs. It offers a detailed history and long-term analytics of user outcomes, assessing overall health risks. Users also benefit from a Health Hub, a repository of health-related medical articles.

The application features six user panels: patient, home care admin, health provider, wellness employee, wellness admin, and super admin. The first three are for home care services, the next two for the benefit system, and the last for managing all app users efficiently.

The Perkk Check platform utilizes Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™) technology. Based on just a 30-second video scan from your phone, tablet, or computer, along with a brief five-question mental health assessment, this technology offers a comprehensive overview of your overall health and wellness. As a result, the app generates over 30 health indicators grouped into 6 distinct categories.

For more details about the technology and research behind Perkk Check, please visit their website:

Project results
About the problem

Perkk Check’s app offers solutions to two unique problems:

  1. It simplifies monitoring "home patients"
    Nurses or social workers from home care agencies can oversee clients' health status, even if they aren't qualified physicians. Perkk Check was created to help by using facial scans to monitor vital health indicators. If a problem is detected, caregivers can refer the patient to a doctor or hospital.
  1. Perkk Check is a unique health benefit for company employees
    Organizations can promote a healthy lifestyle by providing access to the Perkk Check system, which monitors health status confidentially. No employee or admin can access individual results. Companies can personalize the platform by selecting health indicators and applying their own branding.
Project scope
Step 1
Document Digitalization

The first step involved converting scanned documents into digital formats using OCR technology. This phase was crucial due to the diverse nature and quality of the scanned documents. Advanced OCR solutions were employed, capable of handling various text formats, handwriting, and even low-quality scans, ensuring high accuracy in digitization.

Step 2
Document Categorization

Once digitized, the documents were categorized into predefined classes such as medical reports, lab tests, and billing documents. This categorization was facilitated by a machine learning model trained on a large dataset of annotated healthcare documents. The model was fine-tuned to recognize and categorize documents accurately, even when the formats and templates varied significantly.

Step 3
Key Facts Retrieval

The extraction of key facts from the categorized documents was the next critical step. Using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, the system identified and extracted pertinent information such as patient names, birthdates, addresses, ICD codes, and details of medical procedures. The AI model was trained to understand the context and semantics of the healthcare domain, ensuring a high level of precision in fact retrieval.

Step 4
Medical Summary and Report Generation

The final step involved synthesizing the extracted information into coherent medical summaries and reports. Generative AI models, trained on a vast corpus of medical texts, were employed to generate summaries that were both accurate and easily comprehensible. These summaries provided a consolidated view of the patient's medical history and current claims, significantly aiding in the decision-making process.

Key features
Mental Stress
Easy Access
seamless and simple logins
Deep Learning
and Signal Processing
Health Hub
with health-related articles
Data Extraction
for blood flow
Historical Data
tracking and risk analysis
Sharable Reports
with personalized insights
live chat
with doctor
Project timeline
1 month
Product Discovery

The project began with workshops where our team understood the technology behind the service and the client’s expectations for the platform’s functionalities. Additionally, we carefully identified and documented the required application features.

1 month
UI/UX Design

Throughout this stage, we focused on a UI/UX design specifically catered to the primary four distinct user types. Our efforts also encompassed intricate flow design, polished result presentation, and comprehensive visualization of historical data.

6 months
MVP Development

During the MVP development, we focused on integrating functionalities with the Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™) technology. Additionally, the first four dedicated user panels were created: patient, home care admin, health provider, and super admin.

Product Development

Further development of the application is dedicated to tailoring the solution for corporate benefit services. As a result, we have introduced 2 additional modules: Wellness Employee and Wellness Admin, enhancing the platform’s capabilities.

Project tech stack


Frontend Development


Backend Development


Project tool stack

Jira Cloud

Project Management

Confluence Cloud

Project Documentation

Atlassian Cloud

Project Management


Project Communication


Project Documentation


UI/UX Design


Video Calls Integration

Google Maps



E-mails Integration
Technical description

Perkk Check is a HIPAA-compliant platform hosted on AWS allowing users to perform automatized, video-based assessments of their or their patients' health. Our system can be accessed via an intuitive and responsive web interface developed in Angular. Provided are additional functions such as sending email reminders and generating downloadable PDF reports.