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What our clients say

“We couldn’t be more fortunate to have picked them, because they did an amazing job.”

"Apzumi has done a stellar job in developing the product. They were able to effectively capture the company’s vision that’s now reflected in the look and feel of the platform. The team was responsive and communicative. In addition, they fostered a tight-knit relationship with the inhouse team."

Anna Orsola

Healthcare Platform Company, USA (Healthcare, Medical Second Opinion Platform)

“They don’t just develop what you tell them, they also give feedback and improve the project.”

"While the engagement is ongoing, the platform’s usability and UI have received positive feedback. Apzumi establishes a seamless workflow through consistent communication and effective project management. The team goes above and beyond to deliver a quality product."

Seko Williams

Zumedu, Germany (Healthcare, Video Conferencing Platform)

"...working with Apzumi is an excellent cost-effective way of getting high-quality designers and developers."

"Apzumi delivered numerous functional iterations of the app, providing full-stack development and testing for each. This allowed the internal team to collect user feedback to improve the next sprint. Communicative and reliable, they're well-positioned for future work."

Baruch Sterman

Rewire, Israel (Healthcare, Migraine Diagnostic App)

“Their team is very friendly and proactive in their customer management.”

"The team ultimately suggested a complete rebuild of the platform to make the requested enhancements. While the client went in another direction, Apzumi provided honest and insightful feedback in a professional manner. The team is knowledgeable, hard-working, and friendly."

Dan Hoover

Leaderclips, USA (Consulting, Coaching app)

"They always find a solution to the problems we face."

"Consistently delivering quality and guidance in their work, the team has impressed the internal staff with their adherence to design requirements and frontend code quality. They communicated with their partner utilizing a multitude of different channels and tools. They built a trusting relationship."

Ange Bouable

NappyMe, USA (Lifestyle, Marketplace app)

“Everyone at Apzumi was always available and communicated really clearly at all times.”

"The final product delivered by Apzumi completely satisfied all project stakeholder requirements. Their team was incredibly flexible, adapting to changes in the scope of work and communicating clearly about what they could and couldn’t do, making the project easy and enjoyable for everyone."

John Hartman

SkillPower, USA (Digital health, Chatbot)

"Thanks to them we made it perfectly on time and on budget without any issues."

"Apzumi has successfully reduced development cost and time. Their team delivered everything without any issue. The project management was flexible and effective. They are a highly recommended team that always has a solution ready to go."

Piotr Harasymczuk

Helfi, Poland (Healthcare, Childcare And Development Platform)

"They were way ahead of schedule."

"Apzumi’s work received positive feedback from users who were thrilled about the usefulness of the app. The team managed the project exceptionally, completing their work ahead of time, and they maintained an open line of communication. Their willingness to understand the business was also noteworthy."

Rosa Seidler

European Parliamentary Forum, Belgium (Nonprofit, Community app)

"They balanced the commercial pressures of scoping a project accurately without putting pressure on me."

“Thanks to Apzumi, the client was able to garner strong partnership support to move the product forward. The internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the team's collaborative approach to the project, and their willingness to grow with the organization in the long term.”

Ram Rajaraman

CHAI Analytics, UK (Healthcare, Data Analytics)

"They were friendly, understood our issues, and were willing to adapt to our circumstances and needs."

"Apzumi delivered as agreed, staying approachable, friendly, and understanding. More importantly, their work allowed the internal team to carry on with their own priorities. This makes them ideal partners for future work."

Ajay Kumar

Founder of Pharmaceutical Company, UK (Pharmaceuticals, Fitness app)

“They deliver really incredible value for the price that they charge.”

"The development work provided by Apzumi was consistently the highest quality, and always met budget and delivery date requirements. Their team is communicative and professional and always focus on delivering exactly what is requested of them, regardless of the difficulty of the task."

Aaron Rozzi

Elevatr, USA (Healthcare, Mental Health Support App)

"We had a lovely experience with Apzumi, and we highly recommend working with them."

“Apzumi successfully finished the project. They showed great professionalism during the engagement and demonstrated high transparency. The client appreciated that they were willing to use various platforms to maintain a seamless project management process. They were helpful, responsive, timely.”

Husain Khaki

Hospital & Healthcare Firm, UK (Healthcare, AI)


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