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Monika Cierniak
Business Project Manager
With a background rooted in clinical trials, Monika ensures seamless collaboration between cross-functional teams and stakeholders undergoing digital transformations in the med-tech industry.
Łukasz Andrzejczyk
Chief Executive Officer
During 15 years of his career, he held principal business and technical roles in over 40 digital implementations. Łukasz is an enthusiast and supporter of organizations positively impacting human health.
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Product Design

Not only visually appealing but also strategic and functionally robust business solutions

Mobile App Development

High quality mobile applications implementing video-consultations and remote patient monitoring

Custom Software Development

Bespoke software solutions for the healthcare sector, incorporating HIPAA and GDPR compliance

AR/VR Development

Innovative AR and VR solutions creating value across various healthcare verticals

AI Development

Cutting-edge AI and ML solutions driving impact across medical industry landscape

Device & Wearables

Complementary applications enhancing the functionality of medical devices and wearables

EHR Integrations

Seamless Electronic Health Record integrations streamlining data flow for enhanced healthcare efficiency

Team Extension

Seamless team augmentations for enhanced project scalability and productivity

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Our Digital Health Know-How

Remote Patient Monitoring

Data privacy and security


Medical devices SDLC

ISO 13485/ IEC 62304

Patient journey

Data integration


Artificial Intelligence

Case Studies

Virtual care platform for insurance services

Meedy is a comprehensive healthcare project designed to connect medical entities, insurance providers, doctors, and patients. This platform is built upon a complex set of algorithms, with four separate interfaces catering to the distinct user groups. With Meedy, patients can easily schedule appointments, access medical records, and receive treatment recommendations. Meedy is a platform empowering insurance companies to seamlessly integrate healthcare databases into their services.


Generative AI in medical documentation processing

Medatex is a leading insurance claim management solution used by over 50 insurance companies in Europe. The process involves handling claims based on legal, medical, and insurance standards, providing adjusters with analytical solutions for assessing the situation of the injured parties and the extent of their damages and enabling the automatic generation of documents, including templates for correspondence with the injured party or their representative, as well as decision templates.


Patient care app for nutrition professionals

BodySite's content management system is used by over 2,000 healthcare providers. The app is a comprehensive tool providing dedicated support to patients struggling with obesity. Its functionalities, are designed to help clinics provide better care to patients through digital guidance. Some of the key features of BodySite include tracking user's nutrition and activity program, tracking calories and body metrics, barcode food scanning, and tracking progress through photos.

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