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Apzumi is a leading Digital Health Software House headquartered in Poland. We specialize in software solutions for the Digital Health, Wellness, and Fitness sectors.

Our team of software experts excels in developing cutting-edge solutions that enhance the quality of healthcare services and foster a healthier society.

Apzumi’s specialization includes:
      remote patient monitoring applications,
      personal care apps,
      video-consulting solutions
      companion apps for medical devices.

We want technology to serve people's health and well-being. Throughout our 10-year journey, we have steadfastly pursued our mission, while promoting reliability, proactiveness and transparency.

Digital Health Know-How:


hlth 2023

HLTH is a premier conference that serves as a hub for professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the healthcare and technology sectors.

HLTH brings together key players to discuss and explore the cutting-edge advancements, emerging trends, and pressing challenges at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Attendees can explore interactive demos, engage with exhibitors, and gain a firsthand experience of the latest advancements in healthtech.

Set to revolutionize the healthcare industry, HLTH is centered around three main areas:

HLTH is a must-attend conference for anyone passionate about healthcare innovation. The conference serves as a catalyst for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and driving positive change in the healthcare industry.

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Our team of experienced professionals truly understands the ins and outs of the healthcare industry. We are committed to delivering customized solutions that meet your specific needs. We are here to listen, offer guidance, and work alongside you to guarantee the success of your project.

Unleash the power of our extensive digital health expertise!

We have a proven history of completing more than 100 successful projects in different areas like patient journey, telehealth, medical devices, and digital therapeutics. Our services include creating user-friendly designs, developing mobile apps, building custom software, and providing support and maintenance.

Experience our live demos!

You can dive into our recent projects and see our work firsthand by joining live demos. During these demos, you'll experience our intuitive designs, smooth functionality, and focus on making things easy for the users. This will give you a sense of how our solutions can help your business.

Discover collaboration opportunities!

We don't just want to show you what we can do, we also want to learn from you. Tell us about your ideas and challenges, and let's team up to find innovative ways to make a real difference in the digital health field. Your input is valuable to us, and together we can create something meaningful.

Build a human connection!

When you meet our Apzumi representatives face-to-face, you'll have a special opportunity to build a strong relationship. By interacting directly with our team, you'll see how committed we are to your success. This will help us lay the foundation for a successful and long-lasting partnership.

Optimize your time at Healthtech 2023!

Our expertise in the healthcare industry ensures that you can directly discuss your specific needs and find tailored solutions. By engaging with us, you can efficiently gather valuable insights and explore potential collaborations, all in one convenient place.




Video and chat teleconsultations platform

The Medici project represents a telehealth application designed to enhance the communication dynamics between medical professionals and patients. With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, Medici effortlessly connects patients with their healthcare providers through secure messaging and high-quality video calls. Furthermore, it facilitates the secure transmission of prescriptions, eliminating the need for patients to undergo the inconvenience of physical visits to pharmacies.


Home-based remote cardiac monitoring platform

ChanlHealth is an innovative digital health platform that seeks to revolutionize the delivery of rehabilitation to patients. From telemedicine consultations and remote monitoring to personalized health coaching, ChanlHealth equips patients with the resources they need to effectively manage their health. Additionally, the platform extends its support by offering various wellness services aimed at enhancing overall health and promoting a sense of well-being.


Companion app for health and wellness devices

Trumedic is a mobile app for both iOS and Android that aims to simplify the management of wellness and medical devices like massagers, oximeters, blood pressure monitors, and body scales. With this app, users can effortlessly connect their devices and automatically gather data without any manual input required. The app also provides different modes tailored for specific massagers, such as those designed for foot or neck massages, enhancing the user's overall experience.

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"Apzumi delivered a user-friendly and seamless website, which satisfied the client and opened the door for future partnership opportunities. The project manager demonstrated transparency and helpfulness throughout the design process. Above all, their business industry understanding was impressive."

Himanshu Misra, EnlitenAI

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Łukasz Andrzejczyk
Chief Executive Officer @Apzumi
During 15 years of his career, he held principal business and technical roles in over 40 digital implementations for both startup and large organizations. He is an enthusiast and supporter of organizations that positively impact the health and wellness of humanity.
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Monika Cierniak
Digital Transformation Advisor @Apzumi
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