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Apzumi serves as a top Digital Health Software House headquartered in Poland. We specialize in the development of sophisticated software solutions tailored for the Digital Health, Wellness, and Fitness sectors.

Our focus is on enhancing the quality of healthcare services, contributing to the advancement of digital health technologies, and promoting physical and mental health within society.

Apzumi’s specialization includes:
      remote patient monitoring applications
      personal care apps
      video-consulting solutions
      companion apps for medical devices.

We want technology to serve people's health and well-being.

Over the course of a decade, we have consistently pursued our mission, promoting values such as reliability, proactiveness, and transparency.

Our Digital Health know-how:
Meet our experts:
Joanna Kasprzak
Chief Operations Officer @Apzumi
Joanna Kasprzak, Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, has led over 30 of Apzumi's successful Digital Health applications. She is always happy to share her expertise in medical data interoperability, patient experience design, and regulatory requirements by providing valuable insight and advice for your project.
Martyna Kardańska
Key Account Manager @Apzumi
Meet Martyna Kardańska, a Key Account Manager in the dynamic field of medical technology. She is dedicated to exceeding client expectations, driving project success, and contributing to the growth of innovative healthcare solutions in the ever-evolving med-tech landscape.


Giant Health

Recognized as Europe's primary innovation festival, the GIANT (Global Innovation and New Technology) Health Event boasts numerous enlightening conferences, a diverse array of top-tier speakers, immersive workshops, and a cutting-edge health tech startup competition with coveted prizes.

Joining the ranks of nearly 200,000 individuals, the GIANT Health community is a hub for health tech innovation. The event is designed to facilitate impactful networking and provide cost-effective solutions for new business, sales, and marketing.

Focsed on driving change in the healthcare industry, this year's Giant Health event centers around
three main areas:

GIANT Health Event is dedicated to connect, inspire, accelerate and showcase healthcare innovators globally, through the world's most creative, valuable, and innovative industry event. GIANT is a perfect opportunity to bring people together to find solutions for a better future.

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Discuss your user engagement and motivation strategy

Our team of seasoned professionals deeply comprehends the intricacies of the healthcare industry. Let's engage in a discussion about your user engagement and motivation strategy, where our expertise can contribute to refining and optimizing your approach.

Unleash the power of our extensive digital health expertise!

Ask questions about HIPAA / GDPR compliance and medical devices development and certification

With a track record of over 100 successful projects spanning patient journey, telehealth, medical devices, and digital therapeutics, we bring proven expertise. Feel free to ask questions about HIPAA/GDPR compliance and the development and certification of medical devices.

Experience our live demos!

Experience real-time demonstrations of our great UI/UX digital health case studies!

Explore our recent projects and witness our work firsthand by joining live demos. During these sessions, you'll encounter our intuitive designs, smooth functionality, providing you with a tangible sense of how our solutions can significantly benefit and enhance your business.

What can you expect after the conference?

What is a scoping session?

We start our process by learning more about your idea during the scoping session. As such, we learn what your requirements are and what work will be needed to meet these requirements. This enables us to define the scope of work needed which, in turn, allows us to prepare a proposal that will explain exactly how we plan to deliver the key aspects of your product.

Ultimately, after the scoping and estimation stage, you’ll have a clearly defined project roadmap with a range of estimates and a schedule for completion.




Video and chat teleconsultations platform

The Medici project is a telehealth application created to improve communication between medical professionals and patients. Featuring an intuitive design and user-friendly interface, Medici seamlessly links patients with their healthcare providers through secure messaging and high-quality video calls. Additionally, it streamlines the secure transmission of prescriptions, eliminating the necessity for patients to physically visit pharmacies.


Home-based remote cardiac monitoring platform

ChanlHealth is a cutting-edge digital health platform striving to transform the way rehabilitation is delivered to patients. Providing services such as telemedicine consultations, remote monitoring, and personalized health coaching, ChanlHealth empowers patients with the tools to efficiently manage their health. Furthermore, the platform goes beyond by offering diverse wellness services, promoting overall health, and fostering a sense of well-being.


Companion app for health and wellness devices

Trumedic is a mobile application available on both iOS and Android, designed to streamline the administration of wellness and medical devices like massagers, oximeters, blood pressure monitors, and body scales. Users can seamlessly link their devices through the app, automatically collecting data without the need for manual input. Additionally, the app offers specific modes for various massagers, such as those tailored for foot or neck massages, enhancing the overall user experience.

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"I'm impressed with how they come up to me with problems and solutions and their level of technical skill. Apzumi leverages their knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality work on time. In addition, having a HIPAA compliant mobile app has been critical in reaching out to investors, who have also been impressed with the app."

Charmayne Hughes

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