Global Second Opinion

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Second Opinion from Harvard-affiliated Cancer Centers

Global Second Opinion is a platform for oncological patients from all over the world.

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Recent advances in medicine create more and more alternatives and options for further personalization of cancer treatment. Studies show that the second opinion could provide benefits for two-thirds of patients yet the majority of them don't receive it.

Global Second Opinion is a telemedicine platform for cancer patients and their families that seek an international medical second opinion on their cancer diagnosis and treatment. Global Second Opinion is a HIPAA and GDPR compliant service that allows sharing of medical records with doctors from Harvard-affiliated Cancer Centers. If necessary a professional medical translator translates the documents. As a result, an independent second opinion is delivered with the highest care.

Collaboration with Apzumi covered full life cycle of the product. From the design workshop, though prototyping and development to ongoing maintenance. Team had to solve technical challenges related to very big file sharing (like DICOM), data anonymization, as well as HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

After a couple of months of cooperation a comprehensive platform was ready to serve is purpose and help those who may need second opinion regardless of their current location.

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