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Comprehensive virtual care platform for patients and doctors

Meedy is a gateway to digital healthcare services. Patients get access to over 10 000 medical professionals providing services.

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One of our flagship projects, it started with a grand vision and is being achieved step by step. Meedy’s vision is to improve the domestic health insurance industry. By joining the efforts of insurance companies, medical entities and individual physicians, the system put in place makes the process of injury claims the most effective so far. Such a large-scale project that would change the quality of life for people was definitely our kind of project!

Finding the vision of the product was easy. The challenging part was managing the project in such a dynamic surrounding where nobody before had implemented this kind of solution. We fulfilled all immediate needs that appeared, allowing the system to be implemented with full efficiency and no delay.

Daily meetings with Meedy and the agile work of the highly skilled developers resulted in a system far superior to any other on the market.

Today, the system is used by 750 medical institutions and over 600,000 visits have been organized through the system. Implementation of the system was an important step in Meedy’s performance, as it brought a boost in revenue that continues today. The organizational flow between insurance companies, medical entities, doctors and the patients, put in place thanks to the system, saves a lot of time and money for all users. We are currently developing new usability of the system and preparing it for use by at least 4 million users.

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